attune to new
possibilities of well-being

Attune to Move for the brain that loves to learn and the body that loves to move. Attune your Self to new possibilities of pleasure throughout the phases of life. Through gentle movement exploration you can witness remarkable transformations that naturally enhance the vitality of mind and body. Attune to Move offers holistic approaches that source the organic intelligence within your system to bring about growth, change and healing. Experience lessons and personal sessions that embody the neuroscience to improve overall organization and quality of life.

You are invited to log on to our membership page and enjoy free Awareness through Movement lessons, come to a weekly class or schedule an individual session. The Feldenkrais® Method for Somatic education, Somatic Experiencing® for Stress and Trauma resolution and Child’Space® for Empowering infants and parents are dynamic system approaches within a construct of awareness. Each of these methods has a unique perspective using the focus of Somatic experiencing to awaken fully to your potential.

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